Shanghain terveisiä!


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ISPO messut


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Shanghain kangasmessut


October 21 at Shanghai airport and it's 7 o'clock in the morning. I'm waiting for my colleagues to arrive. The worst part of the trip is behind us meaning the flight. This time the trip went pretty well, I even got some sleep ... so it was good to start a new day in the new continent.
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Syysilmoja ja nojatuolimatkailua


The leaves have already started to change colour, and you know you’re soon going to have to start raking them. We haven’t yet reached the true colour brilliance of autumn, but we should have the full foliage soon, especially if we’ll get that slight cold front this week.
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Hi! My name is Kaisa. I’ve been involved in designing the TORSTAI collection since 2006. But let me give you a bit of background of what I was up to before that. I graduated from the Lahti Institute of Design as a fashion designer in 1995. First I got a summer job in silk screen printing at L-Fashion Group. I learned a lot of decorating techniques and got to make silk-screen prints on products – from a designer’s decorative designs to the finished product. I really liked my job in the screen printing department, and those days have undoubtedly impacted my design style today. I like decorative touches and making them. I transferred from silk-screen printing to being an assistant for Luhta designers for a short time, and then after graduation I was given design responsibility for part of a collection.
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