TORSTAI is a feminine, sporty brand with sustainable values. Our clothing meets the demands of the conscious consumer who appreciates quality, but wants to make more budget-friendly choices. Especially our colourful midlayers with innovative material combinations impress consumers.

Ethical thinking is a core value of Torstai. That’s why we are the world’s first and only sports brand in the Fairtrade Cotton Program. We have recognised our ability to make a change and are committed to increasing the amount of Fairtrade cotton used for our products by 100 % in five years. The Fairtrade Cotton Program secures fairer trading conditions for the cotton farmers, child labour is prohibited and strict environmental standards must be met. As a consumer, you can get the stylish look and help developing countries at the same time. Fair, isn’t it?

"World's only sports brand in the Fairtrade Cotton Program"

The Fairtrade Cotton Program enables small-scale farmers to benefit by selling more of their cotton as Fairtrade. Visit: www.info.fairtrade.net/program

The lives of more small-scale Fairtrade cotton farmers are improved by their produce purchased on the Fairtrade Cotton Program.