Conscious Sportswear

Among sports brand, Torstai leads the way towards a more sustainable future. In addition to the Fairtrade Cotton Program, a completely PFC-free collection and recycled materials, Torstai is taking yet another step forward by including wood fibre in the season's offering.

Conscious Cotton Production

Torstai is the world's first and only sports brand in the Fairtrade Cotton Program that create fairer trading conditions for the cotton farmers and prohibits child labour.

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Recycled materials

Repreve is the recycled fibre made mainly from post-consumer plastic bottles.

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Even before the ban on perfluorinated compounds (PFCs) was widened in the EU, Torstai had taken a clear stand and decided to discontinue use of all PFCs in its products.

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"At the most fundamental level, life is about balance. The strive towards harmony within ourselves and on our planet. Balance is never a stationary state of being. Instead, it is a sustained effort to constantly refocus, re-evaluate and recenter. Being conscious of those around us and of our environment is the only way to thrive."
- Torstai -

Climate Cycling Helsinki is a fun cycling event for companies and organizations against climate change. The first event on 11th of September 2019 was attended by 450 business and public decision-makers and it got a lot of media attention.